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The Hammam Benefits

Hammam is an exfoliating and detoxifying hydrotherapy treatment performed in multiple steps using all-natural Moroccan products, steam room therapy, and treated water.

The Hammam treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, detoxifies the body, boosts the lymphatic system, stimulates skin collagen production, deeply purifies, and cleanses the pores.

The exfoliation process removes and peels dead skin cells in pieces that can be seen, revealing softer and glowing skin underneath. 

This hydrotherapy treatment is an authentic holistic ritual that has been practiced in the Orient for centuries and is still being practiced today due to its many health and beauty benefits.

Yoni СПА хамам


Exfoliates dead skin cells:
The hammam exfoliation process removes your skin's upper layer; that upper layer is dead skin cells attached to newer skin underneath. You can see the layer of dead skin cells break into little pieces. This is the best solution for what is known as "ashy skin" or dry, flaky skin. It gets rid of all the dull skin at once, revealing the smooth and soft skin that was hidden underneath. The exfoliation process also helps reduce the appearance of skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris.


Helps with Absorption of lotions & oils:
After the complete exfoliation of dead skin cells, it becomes easier for the newer skin to absorb and get the full benefits of your oils, lotions, and tanning products. The products can stick to the skin better since dead skin cells are not blocking the product from penetrating down to the newer skin.


Reduces Ingrown hairs:
When dead skin cells are exfoliated properly, and the pores are deeply cleansed and detoxified, it prevents dead skin cells from clogging the pores or creating a layer of dead cells above the pores that block the hair from passing through. This results in the hair getting stuck underneath the accumulated dead skin cells resulting in ingrown hairs.


Lightens Hyper-pigmentation:
Exfoliation helps slowly fade hyper-pigmentation by removing a dull layer of skin and stimulating the growth of healthier and more radiant skin at a faster rate. This slowly helps to fade dark spots and brighten dark areas on the body such as elbows, knees, and underarms.


Reduces Appearance of Stretch marks & cellulite:
This treatment helps reduce the appearance of coloured stretch marks due to faster skin turnover and its ability to boost the skin's collagen production, while increased blood flow from the exfoliation process and heat helps break down and flatten cellulite's appearance.


Anti-aging and helps stimulate collagen: 
The exfoliation technique increases blood flow and cell turnover, revealing new radiant skin underneath while stimulating and boosting collagen production and promoting healthier new skin.


Boosts The Lymphatic System and helps remove toxins: 
The glove used in the exfoliation process is made to brush and pass through the lymphatic system to promote lymph flow and drainage. This brushing and exfoliation process, along with the warmth and heat in the room, helps to reduce the amount of toxins flowing through the lymphatic system. 


Steam Room Therapy: 
Steam room therapy works by high levels of humidity and heat. The humidity helps with skin health and internal breathing issues. It gives the skin a healthy glow and prepares the skin and pores for a deep detox and exfoliation. The moisture helps ease breathing, soothes sinus and chest congestion.  The heat tricks the body to boost itself by stimulating a slight fake fever; this starts the bodies healing and detox process. The heat helps the body sweat out toxins, loosen stiff joints, improve circulation, relieve muscle stiffness, aids in muscle recovery, and reduce joint and muscle pain.

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