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Pamper your body and choose from our wide variety of massage selections. Relaxing, Hawaiian, Aromatherapy, Magnesium, Traditional Bulgarian combined massage, Thai, Balinese, Deep tissue, Sports massage,  and reflexology or professional face treatment with natural Turkish or rose oil. 
Our therapists are highly experienced and passionate about their profession. 
Every procedure in our menu (hammam and massage) can be performed for couples in our double hammam and double massage room.
Choose one of our massage selections based on your condition or mood. 



60 MIN. | 90 BGN. 

Magnesium has an effect on the entire organism:

  • Improves bloodstream circulation and eases blood and lymph flow at the target area. 

  • It Relaxes muscles and speeds their recovery. 

  • Works as a pain reliever. 

  • It has a great effect on the nervous system. 

  • It improves nerve conduction, has an anti-inflammatory effect and it soothes the inflamed nerves.

  • Improves blood vessels and skins' elasticity.

  • Promotes detoxification. 

  • Helps with Ca absorption

AROMATHERAPY  (soft & gentle)

60 MIN. | 90 BGN.

A massage with Turkish cold pressed non-refined oil of sesame, almond and natural olive, which has a balancing effect on your body and soul, rids of stress, relaxes your entire being and leaves your skin smooth and velvety soft. A brilliant way to pamper yourself or a significant other.

HAWAIIAN MASSAGE (soft & gentle)

60 MIN. | 90 BGN

  90 MIN. | 130 BGN

 4 HANDS: 60 MIN. | 180 BGN.

A traditional Hawaiian massage known as the massage of "loving hands" and "Lomi Lomi" massage and this name explains its principles - the massage works gently but deep in the muscles, with continuous movements, which allows the body to relax and succumb to the feeling of relaxation.
The massage is performed with warm aromatic coconut massage oil in order to make the movements smooth and nourish the skin.

BALINESE MASSAGE (medium strength)

60 MIN. | 90 BGN 

  90 MIN. | 130 BGN

This medium strength massage helps to improve blood circulation and stimulates the lymph system and toxins removal. Targets complete relaxation and achieving good sleep quality. 


(medium strength)

60 MIN. | 90 BGN

  90 MIN. | 130 BGN

This medium pressure massage uses a variety of techniques (deep-tissue, stretching, shiatsu, aromatherapy,
reflexology, face, and scalp massage) so that the therapist can act as much as possible on every part of your body. The herbal oil used in this massage is made of typical Bulgarian forest herbs. The individual approach is extremely important. After an hour of combined massage, you will feel rested and charged with energy, and all the little discomforts and pains will become a memory.

LYMPH DRAINAGE MASSAGE (medium strength)

60 MIN. | 90 BGN.

Highly beneficial for the entire organism massage, which helps to set the balance between fluids within. Good for working on removing acne, stress, and cellulitis. 


45 MIN. | 90 BGN.

Used for removing subcutaneous layers of fat orange peel-like cellulite formations. This massage has marked cosmetic effect and it is a compilation of special techniques, vacuum, and essential oils.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (the strongest massage)

60 MIN. | 100 BGN.

90 MIN. | 140 BGN.

Deep massage stimulates muscle vibration, targeting complete overall rejuvenation and body relax. It helps to release stress and prompts muscle recovery after an intense workout.

SPORTS MASSAGE (intensive, strong)

Option1: 60 MIN.| BGN 100

Option2: 90 MIN.| BGN 140

Intensive massage, that improves blood circulation, removes fatigue, reduces tension, and improves the flexibility of muscles, joints, and tendons. 


Option 1: 60 MIN.| BGN 100 

Option 2: 90 MIN.| BGN 140 

Classic Thai massage on a massage couch with oil.


30 MIN. | 70 BGN.

Warms up the body, stimulates flow, and reduces pain and muscle fatigue. One of the most popular and most effective massage types to deal with upper, mid, and lower back pain.


60 MIN. | 120 BGN

 90 MIN. | 150 BGN

The Holistic massage helps to overcome various problems in the musculoskeletal system.
Medical techniques adapted to individual needs are used to successfully affect discomfort and stiffness.
  During the massage, a special oil or medical cream is applied to the problematic area.

Therapeutic gymnastics, as well as cupping therapy treatment, are applied as well.


60 MIN. | BGN 120 

90 MIN. | BGN 150


Aroma massage with volcanic stones, performed with aromatic citrus massage oil, plus reflexology! A unique SPA package that applies different massage techniques and combines massage with aromatherapy for a better result on both physical and mental level!

In this therapy, hot volcanic stones of different sizes and shapes are applied to key spots on the body.

Volcanic stones have a high density and high content of iron and magnesium, which helps to absorb heat and its slow release. The hot stone massage is one of the most ancient techniques used for relaxation, recovery of the body, and prevention of various diseases.

The combination of professional hand massage and massage with volcanic stones, using a variety of techniques, is not only pleasant and relaxing but also brings a number of health benefits.

The heat radiated by the stones helps relieve muscle tension and pain, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, improves joint flexibility, saturates tissues with oxygen and nutrients, stimulates the removal of toxins and excess fluids from the body, strengthens the immune system, restores energy balance, calms the nervous system and helps with sleep problems. The massage is very suitable for back pain, general joint and muscle pain, cramps, stiffness, arthritis, rheumatic diseases, poor blood circulation, headache, depression, fatigue, stress. The purpose of the massage is to achieve a balance on physical, mental, and energy level.

SULTAN MASSAGE (soft & gentle) 

60 MIN. | 180 BGN.

Also called massage of the gods, Sultan massage will give you an unforgettable feeling. It is performed simultaneously by two therapists in full synchronization of the movements. With the aromatic warmed oils used, this massage is regenerating and relaxing. 


(soft & gentle)

60 MIN. | BGN 100

This massage is suitable for reducing stress and swelling, anxiety, and depression. It is very beneficial for a woman's emotional and physical well-being. During the long 9 months, the woman experiences emotional and physical stress, the changes in her body are huge, and such procedures can reduce the tension and relax her psyche.



BGN 20

Suction cup massage. The suction cupping is a method of treatment by vacuum. The main effect is that it pulls the stagnant circulation from the tissues to the surface of the body and releases the pinched tendons near the joint by pulling the skin fold. The general principle, on which suction cups work, is to create a vacuum and tighten the skin. Applying suction cups is recommended against colds, injuries and cramps, it also helps with rheumatism and plexitis. The cupping therapy is also recommended for stress, insomnia and migraines. Last but not least, it is an excellent method for cleansing the body of toxins and improving the blood circulation. The cupping massage improves the elasticity of the skin and is the best "spa treatment" for the tissues.



BGN 20

The Gua sha massage is an ancient Chinese healing technique that is used in various pathological conditions.


The Gua sha massage implements the theory of meridians from Chinese medicine. These are the ways in which Chi energy circulates in our body. That is why the massage movements are usually performed in one direction, as the movement is repeated multiple times. The areas of the neck and the back are usually most often treated by using acupuncture points as well.


The Gua sha massage aims to disperse blood clots, stimulate the release of hemoglobin, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and boost the body's defenses. The massage is suitable for stimulating the detoxification of the body and for improving the metabolic processes.


The Gua sha massage is most typically used for muscle pain and stiffness, joint diseases, high blood pressure, menstrual disorders, problems with peristalsis, stress, reduced lactation (secretion of breast milk), insomnia, and others.


* The Gua sha massage and the Cupping therapy are not offered alone, but as a supplement within the massage chosen by the client from the SPA menu.

All prices are in Bulgarian Leva (BGN) and include VAT.

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